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About Us.

Millennium Blockchain is an international holding company focused on actively investing and co-managing blockchain companies, technologies and crypto-assets focused on financial markets, healthcare, crypto-mining, and high-technology.

In addition, our advisors and executives have traded equities, commodities, precious metals. They have raised over $500 million, executing over 15 mergers and developing over 10 startup

companies. Our team has held executive and leadership positions at Nasdaq, Google, and McKinsey. Our executives and advisors have masters degrees from Cornell, University of Chicago, and Harvard Law. We believe our experience in capital markets, b2b and b2c technologies, and private and venture capital equity provide the foundation to build upon and leverage our experiences in over 30 years in the markets.

Our Pledge.

Due diligence and proper management are the keys to every partnership, investment and acquisition we plan to conduct. Our belief is that most markets will become decentralized and trustless in nature. This paradigm shift is required in a world full of cybersecurity threats, privacy data breaches, and massive theft by institutions and questionable governments across the world.

Our Team.

The team has extensive experience in blockchain technologies and initial token offerings. We see the potential of markets being created across new asset classes and platforms that will continue to form frictionless transactions in a trustless environment. Our advisors and executives have been involved in over 100 initial coin offerings, and personally invested millions of dollars in the crypto-currency markets since its founding in 2009.

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