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Experienced Entrepreneurs, Private Equity and Venture Capital Operators with Senior Leaders in the Blockchain Community.

Millennium Blockchain is an international holding company focused on actively investing and co-managing blockchain companies, technologies and crypto-assets focused on financial markets, healthcare, crypto-mining, and high-technology.

Our Focus for Acquisition,
Development and Investment

Partner, invest and advise blockchain companies and participate in pre-sale ICOs in conjunction with top-tier crypto and traditional funds, syndicates and strategic partners.

Our key focus is to engage in areas where we add value and can provide expertise including capital and access to liquidity through traditional equity markets for our partners.

  • Trading Exchanges: Crypto/Equities/Options
  • Protocol for Global Blockchain Consolidated “tape”
  • Partner with global exchanges in crypto and traditional equities to establish global trading and settlement system on blockchain
  • Trading Platforms: Institutional/Retail
  • Traditional markets move to the blockchain
  • Global Access and Smart Routing: Liquidity providers

Trading Exchanges established using tokenized asset classes for new and inefficient markets:


  • Precious Metals
  • Hydrogen
  • Digital Assets
  • Art Assets
  • Gaming Assets
  • Data and Reporting
  • Listing of Products
  • Self-Regulatory and Public and Private Blockchains

Blockchain technologies have already started significant promise in the healthcare industry. Our of the key aspects in driving cost and increasing effiency and privacy for healthcare providers and their patients can be leveraged through the blockchain. Case studies under development include:


  • Hospital Networks: Decrease in costs and efficient integrated systems
  • Insurance Products: Healthcare insurance exchange
  • Healthcare Wallet: Secure end-user product
  • Utility token for systems integration

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